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Digital Distribution:


Zone X Entertainment partnership with digital distribution company like TMZ & Venture Records provides artist with the ability to distribute their music to all major digital re-sellers & streaming outlets. Synced with this, we distribute video content through streaming services such as Vevo, Tidal, Pandora just to name a few. By using our combined platforms, artists retain ownership of all their masters and Add Ventures will show you how to monetize your music and content.

Get all of these service for ONLY $300

Digital Distribution Includes:

Digital Distribution
Monetization of Streaming Content
Creation of Vevo Channel
Personal Consultation from the Add Ventures Team
Up to Date Information on the Add Ventures Community of Users



Step 1

Send an email to zonexproductions@gmail.com to receive all the needed contractual agreements & specs on content needed for digital distribution.Email the signed contract & w9. *please provide all information via email :    artist information & who is making payment on your behalf.

Step 2

We will email you a invoice where you make payment of $300.00 fee for the services.

Step 3

A team member of Zone X Entertainment will contact you to discuss our next steps & roll out for your music / video content

Step 4

This is your business.  Utilize our platform for services that will enhance your release of music.  Our platform offers every service that an artist needs to create a digital revenue stream.  Keep working!!!  NEVER give up on your dreams!!!.


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Peewee Longway unleashes his highly anticipated mixtape The Blue M&M 3. The 15-track project features Young DolphQuavoOffset.

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Memphis native MoneyBagg Yo releases the third installment of his Federal album series. The 15-track effort includes only one lone feature by NBA Youngboy.

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OBER 31, 2017 0

Rich Homie Quan returns with a new track titled “Bossman” produced by Will-A-Fool. Listen below.


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This is the first SOLO single ever from Migos Member ‘Takeoff’

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