Much like the knicks organization la la athony in a press conference say she divorced carmelo anthony cause his a ball hogger who will never win a ring in nba.She prefers curry or lebron cause they have rings.Seems like carmelo anthony is a loser in life and on the court,what a sorry azz person lol..


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Who is she fooling?That robbery was faker then her butt and face(she still hot though),I mean she is worth millions why would she suddenly "go along" in a place like paris?LOL it was for promotion to their worthless show Keeping up with the kardashian which nobody watches anymore.Kim Kardashian is a marketing genuis but into today's internet world she aint fooling no one but herself,by the way anyone notice how TV ratings are low?They are boring and LAME!

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Kodak black,is headed to prison on may 4th,we wish him luck and according to DOC they will give kodak black under wear for protection of big bobba who seems to be his favorite fan.

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After sleeping under a bridge kevin gates will get 3 hot meals and a warm bed with the department of corrections because of having toy guns and kicking some slutty thot.Life is a b*tch.

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Safaree who got dumped by Nicki Minaj,for having a small d*ck,and is backing up remy ma,he seems bitter but Wendy williams asks everything.

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Kyle Kennedy was aaron hernandez 2nd prison lover,they met in high school.Several sources have confirmed hernandez never liked women,matter of fact he was known as the booty warrior in patroits locker room.Hernandez really liked men according to media outlets they found gay porn magazines in his cell according to several outlets.So does this explain the reason aaron hernandez committed suicide and homicide all at once?We may never know,but we do know that he wasted his life and this is a tragic story.

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I tell you,you see what crack does to you?Look at DMX skinny as a pipe lmao,his on crack and needs rehab asap!

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Too many people smoke crack,cause this guy thought he can challenge R.kelly to a singing battle,and as sick and crazy r.kelly is he is a musicial genuis and he can sing WONDERFUL,now we just have to get him to stop peeing on people!

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Earlier today, Lil Wayne sat down with Skip Bayless for a one on one interview for “Undisputed”, which you can check out below. During their conversation, Weezy spoke on his Tha Carter III album, his thoughts on Aaron Hernandez committing suicide in jail, the passing of Prince, who he likes more out of Prince and Michael Jackson, the best part about being himself, signing to Jay Z‘s Roc Nation, the Cash Money situation, “No Mercy“, and more. Skip also called Tunechi a musical genius and explained why he never went and visited Tune in Rikers Island a few years ago. Wayne even revealed that his mother Jacida Carter was in the same classes as Birdman in school!

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